A.E.M. - The Automatic Employment Machine

Get the A.E.M. system for your own land

AEM Owner message: AEM v0.92 has rolled out! Older versions are no longer supported.
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Select any of 10 available jobs and earn over L$ 12 in less than 22 minutes. Daily new jobs!
Earnings (moving average)
Last week  : L$   59
Last month : L$  840
All time   : L$ 364057

18 dream school girls & Adult Dormitory rental escort
1 of 1 jobs available
L$ 22
Rate: 100%
Manager: hurktang
Weltenville City & Setites Vampire Clan, Daemons Vampire Club
2 of 2 jobs available
L$ 34
Economy mode
Manager: FerBozo
Weltenville Park All Breed Auctions and Bid Boards
2 of 2 jobs available
L$ 21
Economy mode
Manager: Geno Lupindo